jueves, 11 de mayo de 2017

Improving in my YouTube channel

  I have been spending a lot of hours in my YouTube channel to improve it. When I started I had 0 subscribers and now I have 170,  my videos each day they grow more and earn more views. The video with more visit in my channel has 32000 views and I have earned 50£ since I started.
My channel is called Miguel Siles, the last few weeks I had exams so I could upload anything, I also had been sick again.. so I could work on nothing. Little by little I am getting better.

Channel: https://goo.gl/gw5wDy

Getting work as a reviewer

Hello this last month i have been trying to fit in the world of reviewers. This consist in sailermens giving me products for free so that i can write my opinion. All these appens in the web page of amazon. Rigth now at this moment i am the 36.000 reviewer of amazon spain. I haved already got 11 product for free and i am growing really fast.

You can check at my amazon profile in here:

lunes, 23 de enero de 2017

Help Marroco

Marroco is true that is not a develop country, and is also true that is a poor country. But what is not a dangerous country, their hospitality is incredible, people in the desert that maybe they have only one bread for all the day, you go to their tent and they give it to you.

They try to give things that they dont have and that is something that you need to respect a lot. Maybe some day we will reach the hospitality that they have. Marroco is an incredible country and you should go to visit them and help them grow more and more.

It is the only country that you can see so many contarst of lanscape. You can see from Snow, Dunes, Desrts, Cayons, Monkyes, Stars like you haved never seen, Amazings sunsets, Endless roads, It is just amazing.

If you dont belive me just look at my pictures:

miércoles, 11 de enero de 2017

Best Images Of The People Of Marroco

Last training before Marroco

I already went to marroco but i didn´t have time to write this earlier.

 I did this trainning more less the 18 of december, i went to a place on the countryside with lots of mud and some sand. I enjoyed a lot and it was the prefect place to warmp up for the marroco big trip.

lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2016


This friday i went to another food drive in the same supermarket but this time it was with another organisation called caristas i leave you the link down:


It was from 1:40 pm to 5:30 pm, we ate quick at school and a minibus from the school took us there. When we arrived there we started giving small bags, so that the people that went to buy they could buy some food and put them inside the bag.

I think that we dind´t collect so much food as the last time because it was on friday and the time was a little bit bad, because at that time not a lot of people go to buy food.

I has a great notice today because i found that in the local newspaper of my city, that it is a pretty big newspaper they have published an article talking about our labour. I leave you the link of the article here :


lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2016


This last weeakend here in sapin we had 5 days free including weeakend. So all those days i spend  them in my county house in huelva. I have a big country with rivers, mud, sand, rock in less words it is a paradise to do enduro.

Becouse for CAS i need to profe my hours, i did i video of my country and there is also some short clips of the motorbike, i could record more from my ride in the dirtbike becouse i lost the ssuport to put my camera in the helmet but before i lost it i recorded some things.


I took a lot of time to record these video becouse i had to walk a lot and record in many places and in some of those places i had to wait a long time for the time lapse videos, so i hope you enjoy it