domingo, 30 de octubre de 2016

Training For Marroco

Just before i started riding
A long time ago I planned a trip to Marroco, I planned for december with the motorbikes, but to do this trip I had to get strong because we spend 8 hours a day with the motorbike and you need to be strong if you want to endure the hole jurney. I also had some problems because I got sick and I was in the hospital and with a disease for four months, so I lost the few muscles that I had.

When I finish my training I will upload in this blog a video of what I did in the next two moths to train for Marroco.

I started my trainig today, I went with my father to ride the motorbike to see how bad I am and I am pretty bad. We ride for one hour in a sand terrain that is similar to the terrain that we ride on Marroco, and when we reached home I could`t keep going, i was really really tierd.

Youtube video from my tranning of today

 I felt only one time and I felt because i was riding really slow in the sand, so I lost the balance and Ï felt but i dint´t get injured, I just got more tyred.

So know I now that I have to train my arms and my quadriceps becouse they hurted a lot.

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  1. <Just great. <<<<<<<<<<<<don't stop the training and lot's of strenght to cope with the desease. You'll win for sure!