domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2016

My Youtube Channel

I started I youtube channel like 1 year ago, but it was just for fun and I din´t toke it serusly. But know I am strating to take it more serious and i am uploading one video each week.
The videos are of all types but normally they are or dirtbike videos or tech videos. I dont have a good camera that is why i have to record with my fathers phone. But i ordered santa claus to bring me a camera i hope it comes. Anyway my youtube channel is called :  Miguel Siles

I will leave you the link of my latest video i hope you enjoy it.

Latest Video

This last video it was from my trainig to marroco you can read it in the other entry. If you like tech you can also check my latest and first video of tech.

TECH video

I you like blogs and tech you can also take a look to my blog of tech.

Tech Blog

I hoped you enjoyed everything and enjoy
good day.

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