martes, 29 de noviembre de 2016

The Projects that I planned for CAS

For CAS we have to do at least one project but i already planed two. The first one that i am planing is called CHALLENGES, i am doind it with three friends of the school and we have been planing these for like one month and we are going to do it next sunday.
It consist of a few fun challenges that the kids have to try to win them.These are some of the challenges that we are planning:

1.  Dizzy Penaltis: you have to go around a ball for 30 seaconds and when you finish, you quikly have to shout a penalty and try to score it.ç

2.  Crossbar challange: It consits of shouting a ball from 11 meters and you have to try to hit the post of the goal.

3.  Sack race: you go inside a big sack and jumping you have to win a race against other kids.

Another of the projects that i am planing is to go to Marroco to take clothes, pens, notebooks, toys and all the things that i can collect. I will do these on the 31 of december and i will upload another entry with more details and finally i will upload a video on my youtube channel (Miguel siles) giving them the staff that i can find.

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