viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2016

Preparation Of The Lottery for Charity

The table with all the prsent for the lottery
Today we are organizing a lottery for tomorow, there is a lot of staff that parent left us to sell it. It cost 1euro each ticket and you can win a lot of different prizes from nootbooks, to wies, movies, watches and a lot of different staff. We also have lots of book that people can buy, the prize is 1 euro four book, and there are some pretty good books. I am also organizing with some friends a coffee shop and the money that we take is going to the charities.

Tomorrow i have to come to school at 9:45 to open the lottery and when the next turn of people come i will go to the coffee shop and help there until lunch time

Today i have to keep organizing staff for the lottery and for the coffee shop, until 5 p.m

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